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Shani Yantra

Shani Amavasya (Part VI)

Shani Yantra

Continuing with Shani Amavasya pooja, take a large yellow juicy lemon. Apply 8 dots on it with the kohl all around and place it near Shani Yantra. Offer small amounts of sesame seeds 8 times on the lemon and the yantra. Offer 8 blue flowers to the lemon and Shani Yantra chanting Shani Beejakshara Mantra. Sesame flowers are auspicious for this pooja.


A garland of 8 panchamukhi rudrakshas is made as Shani Beejakshara and Shiva Panchakshari are chanted and this is offered to Shiva Lingam. Chanting the same mantras 8 bael leaves are offered to Shiva Lingam. Care must be taken that the front portion of the leaves is lying on the head of the Lingam. 8 flowers of 8 types are offered while chanting the same mantras.

Post this we have to chant Lingashtakam, Bilvashtakam, Shiva Tandava Stotra, Dasharathakrut Shani Mantra and Shani Peeda Hara Stotra with folded hands. Naivedyam can be bananas, black sesame seeds mixed with jaggery or poha. Finally, Mahamangalarti can be performed to conclude the pooja. Pray to your heart’s content for the fulfillment of all your desires.

On this day, worship of Sharabheshwarar is also done. We will share the process in the next post.

To be continued…


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