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PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part IV)
PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part IV)

PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part IV)

There are many animal friends among humans. But, are they following legal and moral rules connected to taking care of these organisms, who cannot speak human language? A Journalist Reveals connected with the Indian chapter of the animal rights organization PeTA to learn a few things about animal-keeping. So, Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PeTA India helps us with the article – PeTA explains animal rights (Part IV). 


Superstition has it that if we offer eatables to stray dogs, our astrological charts become favorable to us. Those eatables are not entirely eaten up by the dogs. These dogs look for the meat dropped in the large dustbins in the street corners. The offered eatables rot and create a nuisance and health hazards on the roads, which are used for moving about. What can be done about this? What laws are in place to fix this?

The homeless dog population survives because of exposed garbage, illegal meat shops and slaughterhouses. The municipal corporations must take firm action to deal with these major issues to address the dog overpopulation problem, apart from running an effective dog birth control program, in association with local NGOs and Animal Husbandry Department. Quoting the AWBI Pet Dog Circular again- “There are many people in India who feed stray and ownerless animals. Some dispose of their leftover food in this manner and others compassionately prepare food for them. Caregivers are advised not to feed street dogs close to residences not their own. They are also advised to avoid feeding street dogs immediately adjacent to areas in which children play or people take walks or that are otherwise crowded. Moreover, feeding must not be done in a manner that contributes to littering or dirtying any feeding site. Caregivers are advised to clean up feeding sites after feeding is over.
Caregivers cannot control the defecation habits of the strays. However, they are advised to participate in other solutions for maintaining cleanliness.”

Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PETA India
Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PETA India

There are no stray dogs abroad. The Indian government does not know the number of stray dogs moving about every street, here. When the officials visit certain places, the streets are shown bare of not only street hawkers and garbage but also dogs. They do not get the real idea of what is happening. This is definitely not only an issue connected with PeTA. But, PeTA can ideate on what can be done in conjunction with them, so that the Swachcha Bharat Project can be implemented in the real sense.

Dog breeders and pet stores hugely contribute to the existing stray dog population crisis. Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder or a pet shop, a dog on the streets or in an animal shelter loses his or her chance at finding a good home.

The government should ban the breeding of dogs for sale and pet stores. People should be encouraged to adopt homeless dogs from animal shelters or the streets rather than buying from the market.

Community members can help by supporting the municipality or NGOs that run sterilization schemes and refusing to buy animals from breeders or pet stores who contribute to the dog and cat overpopulation crisis.

Under an effective sterilization program, stray dogs are surgically neutered and then replaced in their own area. They are also vaccinated against rabies. The territories are not vacant and new dogs cannot enter. They don’t mate and breed. Immunized dogs do not spread rabies. Over a period of time, the dogs die natural deaths and their numbers decline.

To be continued…

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