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PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part III)
PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part III)

PeTA Explains Animal Rights (Part III)

There are many animal friends among humans. But, are they following legal and moral rules connected to taking care of these organisms, who cannot speak human language? A Journalist Reveals connected with the Indian chapter of the animal rights organization PeTA to learn a few things about animal-keeping. So, Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PETA India helps us with the article – PeTA explains animal rights (Part III).

How can we as human beings control the ill-treatment of animals and the nuisance created by the animal-keepers around the residential societies?

If you see an animal being ill-treated, speak up! Because if you don’t, who will? If you see a chained dog, befriend his or her guardians and help them make positive changes to care for their animal companion and to allow him or her to live indoors. If children are throwing stones at birds, don’t hesitate to tell them to stop and explain why it’s wrong to hurt animals.
Pet owners are advised to and must leash their pets in all common areas. However, residents’ welfare associations and apartment owners associations cannot insist on the use of muzzles. Please do remember, the law already provides for penalties for negligent pet owners, which the aggrieved parties can avail of.

Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PETA India
Ayushi Sharma, Campaigns Co-ordinator –PETA India

Someone told us that abroad potty-training is given to all pet animals. Is it true? How can we bring this culture to India?

Animals speak to us in various ways. Potty training your companion animal is just a matter of communication with him/her. There are lots of online videos that can help new pet parents. (A Journalist Reveals had posted these videos before. We are posting them again for those, who came late.)
Check out:

or you can always hire an expert.

Stray dogs are, let’s face it, a nuisance in India. Many of them are diseased and can spread their ailments to human beings by proximity. Some of them may even bite and kill children. Children are not the only victims of these animals. Even adults are bitten by them. What is the remedy for this issue?

Dogs are usually extremely friendly, social, good-natured animals, which many people enjoy having around and spend their life with. Relocating or killing stray dogs is not a solution. Not only is this cruel, it is also illegal and ineffective because dogs from surrounding areas simply move in to take the place of those who were killed and they reproduce – creating even more homeless dogs.

The long term solution is very simple: Animal Birth Control. Sterilization is a lawful, humane, scientific and effective way to bring down the population of community dogs and it is required of municipalities under Indian law. Sterilizations are simple surgeries to prevent births that cause a dwindling dog population over time. Sterilized animals are also vaccinated against rabies.

Sterilizing one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years supported by the community.

To be continued…

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