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Guidance Readings – July 2021

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – July 2021, by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the first part of the post.

Guidance Readings – July 2021


You will be courageous and are protected by your guardian angel. But, you will need to stand up for your faith and beliefs. Realize your negative aspects and positive assets. Analyze your problems and set out to solve them with knowledge about them. You need to be dignified to attract respect in others. Do not be hesitate and surge ahead with confidence if you think you are right. This way, you can achieve whatever you want to.


Worrying will not help. Make a to-do list and follow it sincerely. A salary hike is expected for good performance at work. You need to control your anger and avoid criticizing others. Do not be selfish and offer help to the needy.


Angels are going to wash away your worries and problems. Meditate for sharper memory. Act at the right time for peace of mind. Some of your financial issues will be sorted out. Act with maturity to gain respect. Learn to love, forgive and forget, if it is a small mistake. But, if the other person has performed a big blunder, take timely action against them.


Go for higher education or sharpen your skills. Be self-reliant and stop depending on others.


There are challenges in your life. But, no worries, they are being resolved by your angels. Any negativity plaguing you will be removed soon. Be assured that you are being protected by powerful angels. If you are facing any difficult problems, rest assured that you will be overcoming these issues, soon. Your fame and prosperity will increase after dramatic events unfold.


This month, stay away from gossip-mongers and back-biters. You need to put forward your own efforts to gain respectful and supportive people. Give up distraction and laziness. Improve your focus and research. This will help you achieve success in your projects. Concentrate on improving your memory, as well.


The cards predict good luck, interesting projects, wealth and prosperity. Your deeds will determine your destiny. Surprising events are foretold. Some of you will experience miraculous events, this month. Multi-tasking could be distracting. Work might get delayed. Be patient. Your work will be accomplished soon. You will gain knowledge and inner vigor. You will be propelled by your angels to achieve your goals and create new ideas. This month will see you getting surrounded by caring people and more luxury. Some of you might decide to travel because the cards show movement. Struggle-period will come to an end, through your good Karma.


Forget the past, if painful and move on. Give vent to the negative feelings and get rid of them. Do not get involved in negative activities. Think positive. If you begin something, complete it before starting anything else. Don’t think about yourself, only. Also, do not indulge in extremity, for anything. Be balanced, which will give you happiness.


Sundaravalli would be happy to reply to personalized queries. You can contact her at

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