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Artist Abhishek Sarkar Says, “I want to Innovate in Hyper Realism Style”
Artist Abhishek Sarkar Says, “I want to Innovate in Hyper Realism Style”

Artist Abhishek Sarkar Says, “I want to Innovate in Hyper Realism Style”

Innovation is the keyword in any field. So, when Artist Abhishek Sarkar Says, “I want to Innovate in Hyper Realism Style”, we are not surprised. Here’s a short interview with the Guwahati-born fine artist, whom we found on Facebook.


Full educational qualifications.

I dropped out of college when I was in final semester of bachelor degree in arts.

Training in painting.

I believe actually my training began when I was a kid. You can say that I am a self-taught artist because art is my passion. Officially, I have a Diploma in Art. I have also completed my advanced diploma from the government registered Fine Art Society, Kolkata. I am specially trained in Contemporary Realism. I also enrolled in an international realism art workshop by Artist Andrew Trishler’s online Academy from (New Zealand) and got certified.

Tell us something about your family background.

I have 4 members in my family. My father was a very well-known goldsmith in the city, passed away in 2002. He was very passionate for his work and he designed jewelry for his shop. My elder Brother is also a former painter. One of my cousins is a Fashion designer and they have always been my inspiration since my childhood.

How important is the color scheme in every painting? Do they have any set rules?

When earth meets water, color can tell you a lot about a work of art. Bright colors can make you feel happy while darker ones can make you feel gloomy. There are also specific colors that remind us of different emotions. But, it’s totally different when it comes to skin tone color mixing for portrait art. Every artist has their own rules for making the skin tone for portraits. Human skin color is so different around the world and children do not always inherit the exact same color as their parents. It varies in color, shade and tone.  

Abhishek Sarkar’s Works

Does the mood of the artist determine the end result of a painting?

Definitely yes, I believe that if an artist really thinks about imaginary world then his mood will force him to make fantasy art. You can call them surreal artists. However, if an artist feels happy and bright then the result of his art will be very vibrant and colorful. The character of an artist determines the style of his works.

Tell us about what you feel about the art scenario in India.

Indian art consists of a variety of art forms, including painting, sculpture, conceptual, cubism, expressionism, folk, geometrical, impressionism, realism, traditional, Madhubani, etc. Being an realism artist, Raja Ravi Varma has always been my favorite Indian artist. I’m inspired by his realistic works.

Is there any difference between your earlier works and now?

Yes. Huge difference now because I’m continuously developing my work by practice during my free time. I always watch art documentary videos on YouTube, to take inspiration and increase my knowledge. I always read historical art books and research things that I love. I always follow my ideals- Michael James Smith, Andrew Trishler and Leena Danya.

What are your future projects?

My future project is developing my own hyper realism style and combine them into fantasy and surreal art for a new innovation.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

First is to spread real art knowledge to the people, who really want to do something in art or the people who can’t afford art education. Otherwise, it’s always been a burning desire to achieve YouTube Silver and Gold Play button because I started my first online journey from my YouTube Channel. I have worked hard on it. I believe by the help of YouTube I can reach people outside the country.

Any message to our readers?

For me, the most important thing in life is to be totally free and independent. It’s important for all men and women.


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