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Lord Narasimha

Shani Amavasya (Part VII)

Lord Narasimha

Lord Sharabheshwarar is a more powerful avatar of Lord Shiva. When Maha Vishnu took the man-lion appearance as Lord Narasimha, even after completing His goal, His fury did not die. Looking at His anger, the entire cosmos shook. All the Gods (Devas) requested Him to control His anger. But, His anger increased many times.


The Gods were frightened and went to Lord Indra, who said He Himself was afraid of Maha Vishnu’s anger. The Devas went to Lord Brahma. He also declined help. They all went to Prahalad, for whom the Narasimha Avatar was taken. Though at Prahalad’s insistence He took the child on His lap and caressed him, His anger did not diminish.

They all went to Lord Ganesha, who tried different jokes to mollify Lord Narasimha. But, the Lord’s fury increased. Finally, all the Devas went to Lord Shiva, who sent Veerabhadra to placate Lord Narasimha. Though Veerabhadra humbly requested Him to control His anger, the Lord only injured Veerabhadra with His sharp nails. Veerabhadra went back to Lord Shiva to inform Him of his failure in placating Lord Narasimha.

Rest of the story will be shared in the next post.

To be continued…


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