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Divya Singh Debuts with Ishq Junoon

Actor Divya Singh is all set to make a sizzling debut in upcoming Bollywood film Ishq Junoon. The actor, hailing from Bihar, is expected to be seen in a very different character than what she is in real life. With Divya 2 other newcomers would be debuting in this movie – Akshay Rangshahi, and Rajvir Singh.


Divya Singh says, “I am very excited and nervous for this film. The trailer has received a great response and I cannot be happier. It is a film, that most youth will connect with and I am waiting to hear feedback from the audiences. It’s my first stint in Bollywood and I am looking forward to bigger things ahead.”

Divya Singh
Divya Singh

Where were you born? How would you describe your childhood?

I come from a very small district, Aurangabad, which is situated in Bihar, since I come from a very strict Rajput family my childhood was not that cool! I had a very restricted and disciplined life where any sort of cool stuff was not allowed like watching TV, movies, wearing jeans or putting make-up! So, I was just into studies and all, since I was a science student so I have spent my maximum time with books.

Full educational qualifications?

I was a medical student. I left education in between to pursue my dream though it was a risky move because I was the brightest student of my class. But I always had a gut feeling that I belong to somewhere else.

Training in acting?

I have taken a workshop from Vidur Acting Institute and with my Tamil film I had a lot of on ground experience.

How did you get your debut movie Ishq Junoon?

I have done one Tamil movie with National Awardee director, which I had got via a Facebook friend. From there I got to meet the producer of Ishq Junoon and after giving auditions and look tests they finalized me for this film.

Divya Singh
Divya Singh

Would you like to talk about any other current projects?

I have started getting calls for few projects. There are some good ones in the pipeline but I believe it will be too early to talk about them. I would like to disclose soon once everything will be materialized!

What do you see 10 years hence?

I see myself doing some path breaking cinemas and contributing the best of me to this industry. And doing the different kind of roles which would become a face changer for the entertainment world!

What do you do in your spare time?

I read a lot of books and watch movies and I love to cook for my family and friends. And of course last but not the least I shop like a crazy girl! I go for shopping every alternate day with my family.


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