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Sushmita Sen Inspired me to Become a Model – Janvi Hemdev

Sushmita Sen Inspired me to Become a Model – Janvi Hemdev, this is the interview of the model, Janvi Hemdev. She says, she was inspired by Sushmita Sen to become a model. Read on to know more:


When and how did you get inspired to start modeling?

It was self motivated, I always wanted to express my self by pictures and  Sushmita Sen inspired me. She is my role Model.What were your parents’ reactions when you decided to join this profession?My parents and family have always been supportive, they were equally happy. I am blessed they stood by my side for the field of modeling, which was as yet an unexplored world, for me.

What was your very first modeling assignment?

I was really excited, to shoot for Mark and Spencer as my first assignment.Were you nervous at that point?I was excited and curious.

Do you join only photoshoots? What about rampwalking?

I am into photoshoot, only and have done shoots for brands like Mark and Spencer, Malabar gold and diamond, Kalki, And, Max, Rangriti, Forever Prettty, Aykka, etc. and also modeled on ramp for bands like Philu Martins, Max, Kazo, Vastra Designing, Forever Pretty, etc. I have also walked for several international fashion brands.

A model’s job is not an easy one. You need to keep a pose for several minutes patiently for still photos. There must be similar issues connected to video shoots. It could be overwhelming and stressful. How do you handle the stress?

Since my nature is to learn to understand new things and it’s always excites me, I am able to handle it. I always enjoy my job because it’s my best hobby. I am self motivated I may be tired but never be bored and stressed out while performing a job.

You are an accomplished model and have won accolades for the same. Who do you attribute these achievements to?

As mentioned earlier the self motivation topped with a lot of smart work and dedication, have been responsible for my accomplishments. The friends and relatives also attributed to my success.

You have even judged competitions. Can you share some details about the same?

It was a privilege to judge many events in Mumbai and throughout the country. A worthwhile mention would be of Surat for the event of Mentor Production. It’s a big responsibility and not at all a easy job.

What do you look forward to?

I am looking forward to an enhanced level of learning and lending a helpful hand to the upcoming new genre of models.

Any message for the newbies and readers?

Personally, I welcome the newbies to explore the modelling world. For the readers, my message is to stay engaged for the enriched and loveable experience sharing journey.

Life is all about happiness, what ever anyone like he or she should try and explore that happiness leading to satisfaction. At the end of the day, we have to be happy and satisfied. Life  always comes with options. Please chose the right option carefully for your happiness.

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