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Aslm Khan

My Name is Khan, says actor-director Aslam Khan

See Saw Entertainment has brought out On a High Zindagi setting new trends. The song has brought freshness and energy to the listeners and viewers. The song has been directed by actor turned director Aslam Khan. To introduce him, his first directorial song Aawariyan was well received by the audience. A Journalist Reveals caught up with Aslam Khan for an interview. Excerpts:

Aslm Khan
Aslm Khan

Where were you born? Tell us in brief about your childhood.

I was born in Mumbai. I was a very shy but mischievous kid. I was into the music scene since I was 10 years old that too English music. Studies were like a duty but sports and music was what I loved.

Your full educational qualifications.

I did B Com with specialization in MHRD. I came 3rd in my college last year.

How did you catch the acting bug?

I was working with an IT firm. I was decent looking so my family and my office boss both were of the opinion that I join this industry not knowing the reality that it’s not just about looks. (Laughs)

What did your parents say when you decided on a career in acting, given the fact that it is so unreliable and unpredictable?

My parents were the ones who actually got me in it as My Name is Khan so they thought it will be a cake walk with my surname and looks.

Tell us about your debut as a director.

I always loved creating – acting is very limited it’s just a part of the film making while directing includes all aspects of it in total. Also I was sick of these so called film makers who have no knowledge of film making but are there growing for God knows reasons.

Tell us about your latest movie as an actor as well as director separately.

I just finished shooting for a horror flick that was my latest film with a good cast. I am now focusing on good music and super videos.

Aslam Khan
Aslam Khan

Any other current projects you would like to mention?

I will be directing a film soon and will update you in time and I’m sure it will be different. You guys will love it.

What do you do when not doing anything connected to movies – behind the camera and in front of it?

Music, music, music, films, films, films and videos, videos, videos. That’s it.

What do you see 10 years hence?

I see myself as a film maker who has given such films to cinema that audience has lived and to be an inspiration for the new kids on the block.


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