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Yashodhara – The Buddha’s Wife

Yashodhara – The Buddha’s Wife. That’s a new movie by Neha Lohia, premiering at the 12th Annual Queens World Film Festival in Queens, New York.

Yashodhara – The Buddha’s Wife

So, Yashodhara – The Buddha’s Wife, a film by Neha Lohia premieres at the 12th Annual Queens World Film Festival in Queens, New York.

Women suffering has been glorified in this world for thousands of years but need it to be so, always.

The 12th Annual Queens World Film Festival (QWFF) will be held for 6 days in 5 venues from November 1-6, 2022, screening 157 films from 27 nations. Neha Lohia’s film is a part of this festival and will be showcased as one of the Voices of India.

She said, “Yashodhara the Buddha’s Wife is a project of a lifetime for me. This is one of those stories that have been in hiding for thousands of years and it just needs to be told especially today when relationships are collapsing, the dating today break-up tomorrow phenomenon, increasing number of divorces, unhealed relational dynamics shouting all around us in a fragile society where nearly everyone is moving around with wounded hearts forgetting we are far more connected to each other than we think we are!”

She added, “This epic feminine compassionate figure, Yashodhara, has been part of my personal healing journey for over 8+ years. I have been researching her, Buddhism, the role of women, mythology, and other historic data for 6+ years and it has taken me to many places and got me access to resources from many learned people on the subject of relational healing and the path of love. I wish to make this project into a massive episodic WEB/TV Series, a movie series and a book as well in the times to come with all that I have collated and really take the audiences back to that era and that time when the royalty, the culture, music, art, the epic scale of this actually began. This short film is a proof of a concept that shows one scene from the heart wrenching and enlightening life of Queen Yashodhara. I hope it stirs open an enquiry about this epic character, what really happened back then and lets the world see this story for the first time from her eyes and perhaps I will one day make the epic saga that I want to if it’s meant to happen through me.”

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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