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The Boy Called Only!

Today, I am going to talk about a boy, whose name is Only (K**** in Hindi), who lives in our building. By the way, we do not know most of the people in our building, since they keep changing homes often and most of the families are turned against us ...

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Intolerance Reloaded

Like SRK, Aamir Khan has attracted flak for his statements on intolerance. But I had the shock of my life at the anti- reactions to that part of the statement which is really true. What hurts me is that the Actor no 1, who had once been my favourite (I ...

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You might be wondering why I have posted this article a few days after the controversy began and not immediately. I have been ruminating over SRK’s statement and the reactions he has been getting. One thing people have not realised. SRK’s statement was not specific to his community or India. ...

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