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Board Exams

Board Exams

Board exams can make some students shake with fear! Some pass through them like a breeze. Today due to the presence of internet and a lot of awareness about problems like leaked question papers and examination stress, help is available. There is another issue that needs to be considered – copying.
There are different types of board exams in India. ICSC, CBSC and SSC are not the only ones around today. More information is available on this page –
The net is full of information on how to take these very important exams. How to crack SSC Board exams? Here is some information –
Tips for passing ISC Board exam is here –
Once you know what are they and how the exams should be cracked, the stress is released and that results in a better performance.
One hilarious part of board exams is superstitions among board exam giving students, which is discussed here –
Copying is a crime. But this crime is often blatantly committed in quite a few schools. I personally have seen it happen in a few private schools. The time of paper chits with hand-written information is gone. They have been replaced by microxeroxes.
We have heard of enlargements. But quite a few students use their brains in a cunning way to earn more marks than the others. They get the answers to questions as microxeroxes. Microxerox, the word, means what it says – reductions, the opposite of enlargements.
These are strategically placed in easy to carry and access areas of the body and when needed removed and the matter copied on to the answer sheet. I have also seen in certain schools the invigilators allowing students to copy. They even provide the text books or notes for the purpose.
Students passing with good marks after copying commit a great injustice to students who study hard. There is high security in schools during these exams for other reasons. But random checking should also be carried out to weed out the defaulters. I don’t say inspectors don’t visit the exam halls. But despite that, incidences of copying happen and they need to be stopped.

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