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Tripet Garielle

Tripet’s Songs Speak the Language of the Heart!

Tripet Garielle is a versatile UK born and bred singer. In a short span of time she has gained a vast fan base because of her unique and soulful voice. While primarily influenced by Bollywood infused sounds, her style covers many genres and languages.


Although, Tripet had never been taught any Indian languages; through true determination and dedication, she managed to achieve her dream to sing in a dialect she could not speak but admired a lot. To overcome her biggest challenge i.e. singing with the correct accent, she spent years studying Indian Language and Literature and worked tirelessly with expert vocal coaches Chiranjib Chakraborty of India and Nisar Daniel of Pakistan.

She has collaborated with many renowned professionals; starting with the musical genius Jawad Hyder on the music of her debut single Palkaan in 2014. Palkaan had South American Jazz acoustics infused with a Bollywood vibe – hitting all major Bollywood music channels and was an overnight success.

Most recently, Tripet released her second single called Aa vee jaa…, an urban Bollywood style sound. Aa vee jaa… was picked up by a lot of Bhangra sites and blogged about.

All her songs from Palkaan… to Woh pal… have a very universal sound that draw listeners from all walks of life around the world. Although the songs are in Urdu/Punjabi /Hindi, they still speak a universal language – the language of the heart.

Tell us something about your childhood.

I had an interesting childhood. My mother had been brought up very strictly and was very keen for me to get an education and go down the conservative route. But my father was very much into arts. I used to sit with him and watch Bollywood films like Yeh Vada Raha and Maine Pyaar Kiya (one of my favorites). I was always more interested in the songs rather than the films. Although, I was pressurized to take academics seriously, I was always more interested in creative work. Playing the guitar, sewing clothes, dance, acting and poetry were some of my hobbies.

Full educational qualifications.

Although, I would have loved to have an arts background, it was important to my family that I get a good solid education which would help me in a corporate environment. Therefore, I got a Bachelors Degree in Business.

Training in vocal music.

I started my classical training with the renowned Chiranjib Chakraborty, who is currently living in London. I owe a lot to him for grounding me in the vocal field. I’m currently taking a slightly different approach and training under Vic Asquith (son of the great Opera Tenor Eduardo Asquez). I am looking to take my voice to another level by combining operatic with semi Indian classical tones.

What was the reaction of your parents, when you told them that you wanted to join Bollywood as a singer, given the unreliability of the field?

My father still doesn’t believe me and my mother is waiting for me to have my big break. I got mixed reactions from my parents as they have a more conventional look towards what careers should be. Also, I think they are worried because we do not come from a musical background. But, they are both very supportive and proud that I am following my passions rather than wasting my time in other areas.

How did you bag your debut solo album Woh Pal… in 2015?

After I released my second single Aaz Ma Le…, I knew that I needed to do something a lot more promising to really get noticed. So I signed up to work with Atif Ali. He wasn’t convinced of me as an artist (since I didn’t have much experience) but he was interested to work with me due to my voice tone. We started off with Rung Jaoun… (the song from the album). We enjoyed working together and we worked on more songs over skype, as I was in the UK and he lives in Dubai. This slowly manifested into us realizing that we could make an entire album with our songs. To turn this idea into a reality, I left my whole world behind to come and record in UAE with him over the space of 4-5 months.

Which was your first song and how did you get it?

My first song was Palkaan I was lucky to have my first break with the musical genius Jawad Hyder aka JKD, who composed and produced my debut single Palkaan… in 2014. Whilst JKD wasn’t taking on any new artists at the time, I knew when I first met him that this meeting was beyond a coincidence and was determined to do whatever it took to work with him. A year later, I knocked on his door – not knowing that behind this knock awaited a sanctuary leading to a mysterious adventure – Palkaan… The song had South American Jazz acoustics infused with a Bollywood vibe – hitting all major Bollywood music channels and was an overnight success.

A Shot from Woh Pal
A Shot from Woh Pal

Tell us about your current projects.

I am working towards my 2017 Album now alongside the launch of my debut solo album Woh Pal. This album twists and turns melodiously from one song to next and flows like a series of mini fairy tales. I want to tell stories through my songs and therefore, I want to create albums rather than just releasing singles. Visually, I have planned videos for 4-5 songs from the full length album of 12 songs.

What would you say are your landmark songs?

Woh Pal is my landmark song simply because it took me on a journey from my present to my past life and taught me things I never knew before about my own life. The experience was very personal and hence I made it the lead song, although there are far better songs on the album.

What do you do when not singing?

Being an artist, there are so many things involved other than singing. I’m always so busy shooting videos, going for photo shoots, building my brand, etc. that there is no time for leisure activities. But if I do get time I love working out, dancing, shopping and just doing things that de-stress me.


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