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Shravan Somwar
Shravan Somwar

Shravan Somwar

From the day after the bygone poornima, for some people in North India, Shravan month has begun. In the South and some other places in the North, Shravan begins from the day after the coming new moon day. For the former, from today the Shravan Somwar begins. The moon is in the Star Shatabhisha, today. This is the star of Rahu.


The month of Shravan is important for japa, tapasya and meditation. Monday is the day of the moon and the moon is controlled by Lord Shiva. Thus, Monday becomes an important day. From today, 16 Mondays’ vrata and pooja can be taken up for attaining our desires. If there are any doshas connected to the moon, they are resolved and Lord Shiva is also pleased, due to the austerity of the pooja.

The first person to have performed this vrata of 16 Mondays was Goddess Parvati. It is during this month that She performed penance to attain Lord Shiva. It was also during this month that the churning of the milky ocean also happened with the release of the halahala poison, which was consumed by Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati caught hold of His neck and the poison remained in His throat. The color of His throat from that time onward became blue and He is called Neela Kantha for this reason.

Abhisheka of water, milk and other consumable liquids are performed on the Shiva Linga to counteract the effects of the poison on the devotees’ favorite Lord.

To be continued…


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