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Vijaya Eastwood and her CribLife
Vijaya Eastwood and her CribLife

Vijaya Eastwood and her CribLife

We were on the lookout for women entrepreneur interviews for our website and found Vijaya Eastwood of CribLife. Vijaya Eastwood is a dynamic entrepreneur with a vision to create new and innovative businesses. With over a decade of experience in fashion, lifestyle and service industry, Vijaya founded CribLife Lifestyle, India’s premier lifestyle management and concierge service. Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to start this concierge service?

A concierge is the keeper of the keys for every special requirement and for all extraordinary experiences. I am inspired by brands that make exceptional products, every business that pushes boundaries, every artisan perfecting his art, those businesses that deliver the extraordinary … CribLife opens the doors to access this world for our clients.

Are there any training courses for this?

Most concierges learn their skill on the job. There are concierge certificate programs for the hospitality sector and some technical training institutions. There is the National Conceiver association for graduates. But, the key to a good concierge is the extensive list of contacts with local merchants and service providers and undoubtedly having experienced the very best the world can offer first hand.

What services do you give from your organization?

As a lifestyle management and concierge service, we provide any service our clients request as long as they are moral and ethical; from, once in a lifetime holiday, identifying a new business deal, accessing that VVIP experience, entry to that super exclusive club or a Michelin star chef to cook at your home… our only limit is our clients’ imagination. We simply take the stress out of their lives!

Our expertise is in areas of travel, dining, experiences, education, property management and relocation services, wealth management, PR and social media, personal styling and personal brand management, events and networking. But, that’s just for starters!

Vijaya Eastwood and her CribLife
Vijaya Eastwood and her CribLife

Do you think this service is relevant in the digital age?

This service becomes more relevant in today’s digital age when a human to human connection is becoming more and more scare. True luxury comes when you have access to someone who truly understands you and tailors your needs with a very detailed and bespoke approach. Having said that using technology to our advantage makes us more efficient, we use it subtly and to great effect.

What is your support system?

Our fantastic network of superb suppliers, merchants, partners makes what we do possible.

What are your future plans?

We aim to become the most relevant, recognized and highly acclaimed lifestyle and concierge service in India and the ‘India like’ countries in the next three years.

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