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Nivea Body Lotion Review

Nivea Body Lotion Review

Vidhi Manek from Clea Public Relations, recently contacted A Journalist Reveals regarding their client Nivea over phone. She said that Nivea had launched 4 body lotions and asked if we would be interested in reviewing them. I was concerned about the application of the product since mine is severely dry skin. She reassured me that all the products can be used during winter.
The Products: She sent the following products:
1. Nivea Cocoa Nourish- ‘Oil in Lotion’: For every Indian woman for several ages now, oil has been an indispensable part of her beauty regime. However, the fast paced life and dearth of time has nearly removed oil from our daily regime. The need of a quick solution that is both easy and refreshing, prompted Nivea to introduce the ‘Cocoa Nourish’, which not only nourishes in the same way as oil massages but also has the good fragrance of cocoa. And what’s more, it’s easy to apply! Simply put, Nivea believes in the simple formula of: Goodness of Natural oils+ Convenience/Easy application = Deep Nourishment, Good Fragrance. The result: Happy Woman.
2. Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion: Continued sun exposure results in visible tan marks and drier skin. Even time can create such damage on our exposed skin. Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion works inside out on your skin. It activates the skin’s own water channels that dry out due to exposure to external environmental conditions. It also repairs the damaged skin layer to give an even toned, radiant glow. Its spf 15 protects the repaired skin from further damage. It affords extra skin care for the women who are exposed to the sun for long hours. New Nivea Extra Whitening Formula is developed keeping the Asian skin needs in mind and can make the skin smoother and even toned in just 2 weeks.
Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion holds 50 times more Vitamin C than lemon extracts. It also repairs dull damaged skin, restoring the original skin tone. It is suitable for all skin types. With Nivea Extra Whitening Body lotion, celebrate the confidence of women who want to have an even skin tone. Pick your Nivea Extra Whitening Body Lotion today, apply twice daily and see visible results in just 14 days. Available at all stores in India.
3. Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion: It is enriched with Shea Butter and spreading it on the skin is a pleasurable experience. Its formula is absorbed into the skin fast and it works from deep within the skin. It repairs dryness one layer at a time. The softness lasts for a long time and protects from dry skin. Its Hydra IQ 24h+ moisture technology enhances the soft skin feeling.
4. Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion: This product has natural minerals and moisturizers, which works from the deeper layers of the skin and repairs dryness one layer at a time like Smooth Milk Body lotion. It also increases the production of moisture naturally. The rich and creamy formula made from Almond Oil offers effective care for smoother skin. This product also contains Hydra IQ 24h+ moisture technology enhancing the softness of the skin.
Our Take: We tried Body Milk Nourishing Lotion first, which is for very dry skin. Then Cocoa Nourish (very dry skin) and Smooth Milk (dry skin). The bottle of Body Milk Nourishing Lotion says that it is long lasting and does intensive care, while the bottle of Smooth Milk says that it causes deep moisturizing and has long lasting feel. But all the three have to be re-applied every 3 hours.
We recommend not using them if you have to wash up or have to work with water, like while cooking, etc. because they will be washed away too and the effect does not last in this case even 3 hours.
The product Extra Whitening Cell Repair and UV Protect is for all skin types and has SPF 15. It can to be applied before going out or if you are exposed to even indirect sun’s rays at home. It’s potential to whiten, repair cell damage and protection from UV can only be proved over a longer period time, according to their website and the bottle it takes 14 days.
Many body lotions, though the pack says that they are for all skin types, can leave a greasy coating on your skin and often make you sweat more. However, the above Nivea products are easily absorbed into the skin and leave it smooth and supple. Besides, all these Nivea products are made from organic plant material and are safe to use. An additional advantage is the typically mild and pleasant fragrance of Nivea, which can be experienced from all the above products.
Price: Body Milk Nourishing Lotion – Rs.299/- for 400 ml bottle, Cocoa Nourish – Rs.215/- for 200 ml bottle, Smooth Milk – Rs.215/- for 200 ml bottle and Extra Whitening Cell Repair and UV Protect – Rs.347/- for 350 ml bottle.


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