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Pooja Misra

Pooja Misra Sues her Website Manager

Pooja Misra slams another case, this time on her website manager for not informing her about enquiry from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions!

Pooja Misra
Pooja Misra

Actor and Producer Pooja Misra is a passionate and hardworking lady. However, she wants to make sure that anyone does not take for granted the lady’s professionalism, diligence and hard work. They say luck is God’s gift when hard work meets opportunity.
However, if somebody swallows that luck which comes after a million heartbreaks should be made to repent for it! Well we were thrilled to see Pooja in that Kali mode as she slapped her website manager with a case of fraud under section 420, cybercrime under sections 467 and 471 defamation and career sabotage under section 500 as he did not show her the emails sent by Dharma Productions!

Pooja Misra
Pooja Misra

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