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Banana Tips (Part II)

Banana Tips (Part II)

The whole banana plant has religious significance. It should be planted in the backyard and not in front of the house. According to the astrologers, banana plant represents the planet, Jupiter. Interested people and believers having debilitated Jupiter in their horoscopes can do the following remedy. They should wear a yellow dress on Thursday and apply turmeric on their forehead. They should mix a teaspoon of raw cow’s milk in clean water and offer it at the roots of the plant. They should chant shlokas to appease Jupiter after lighting a lamp in front of the plant. Some turmeric and sandalwood powder should also be offered to the plant.


An elderly lady told us to offer a garland of odd numbers of raw turmeric or dried entire turmeric in yellow thread to the banana plant for Guru Shanti. A small piece of banana root can be worn as a lucky charm in a yellow thread around the neck. But, this has to be done only after astrological consultation.

When banana root ground with mint, coriander, curry leaves and ginger chutneys and regularly consumed, it improves immunity.

To be continued…


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