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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated once a year. However, if a child thinks that its parents are good, it will celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day every day. My sister and I are 2 such people. After we shifted to this place, we think God has bestowed a divine couple as our parents. I know a father here, who not only got caught in a big scandal but also got his NRI son trapped in it. Another father, who is uneducated, foolishly believing some gossip; put his literate children in trouble. The illiterate parents of a brother and sister taught lies and filth to them and spread it all over our colony. Some people backbite about them and they do not know about it! Post seeing this, I feel that my parents are the incarnation of Gods.


I would like to share something else as well on this Father’s Day. This picture was taken on my Dad’s 80th birthday. As far as I know, there is a tradition of tying the tali (mangalsutra) during the 60th, 80th, 85th, 90th and so on birthdays of the husband, in South India, depending on the fortune bestowed on the couple. My parents’ wedding took place in Tirupathi. These traditions are performed by the children of the couple. I performed the relevant tradition at one of the Balaji Temples, here.

My Dad had been to the Gulf for a job for several years. Mom has been our father in his absence. She never made us feel his absence. I want to share this also today. We know how she brought us up single-handedly. If we were here, in Dad’s absence, all the 3 of us would have been murdered by our neighbors.


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