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Panchamukha Hanuman

Benefits of Panchamukha Hanuman Worship

Panchamukha Hanuman represents bravery, humility, devotion, pada-seva (seva of the Lord’s feet) and strength. If we pray to Him for a few minutes every day, we will get several benefits out of it. They are as follows:

  1. East-looking face is of Lord Hanuman. If we pray to this face, we will get victory in everything, courage and the fulfillment of all desires.
  2. South-looking face is of Lord Narasimha. The worship of this face wards off all doshas, unknown fear, confusion and evil forces.
  3. The West-looking face represents Garuda. When we worship this face, we get relief from all skin ailments, bad effects of poison and even all ailments that happen due to sins.
  4. The North-looking face is that of Lord Varaha. Worship of this face, helps us get relief from even those difficulties that cannot be resolved and even unknown diseases.
  5. The face that looks at the sky is of Lord Hayagriva. Prayer to this face attracts the benefits of effective oration, efficiency in all arts and high intelligence.

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