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Kitchen Tips

  1. Washing dishes is a chore. How can we be absolutely sure that the utensils are clean and are clear of all micro-organisms? Yes, there is a way. Keep a cloth wetted in a neem decoction and sun-dried with you always. The last rinse should always be in this decoction and the decoction should be wiped off by this cloth. Then the dishes and utensils should be sun-dried on a large porous vessel.
  2. The dals and grains often form molds on them due to damp and dark storage. To resolve this problem, expose the groceries to the sun, regularly. Then place dried neem leaves tied in gauze cloths in them. You may even want to sprinkle a couple of small pinches asafoetida in the containers of the groceries and mix them well.
  3. To be sure that we have absolutely clean vegetables that are free of micro-organisms, first wash them in salt water. Clean them with cloth washed in neem decoction. Keep the vegetables in cloth bags that have been washed in neem decoction. Separate curry leaves, coriander, mint, chillies and ginger. Sort them out to remove rotting masala or those that have just started rotting. Pack them separately in newspaper pieces and place them in cloth bags washed in neem decoction. Use these spices soon.

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