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Zhero Denim Handbag

Zhero Denim Handbag Review

Shashwati from WizSpk Communication and PR contacted A Journalist Reveals, with the a mail on the launch of Zhero Denim’s handbags in India. The gist of what she said in the mail is as follows:


Zhero Denim recently launched their range of uber cool denim bags and they were showcased for the first time at Ombre –A Fair in New Delhi.

There were men’s bags, for women and even unisex ones on display. Some of the unisex bags have a detachable front pocket made of leather, convenient for the back packer as well as the city dweller. The front pocket can function as a separate entity as well. The bags suit every kind of personality from a Rebel to a Scholar.

The brand recently brought out some very exciting and very innovative range of denim bags which reflect the personality and approach of the brand. All the denim bags are innovative fashionable and in trend.

My Take: When I received the above mail, I replied suggesting a product review. A few days later, Shashwati’s colleague Namita Verma gave me a call and said that their client would be interested in a product review. She also said that she would be sharing a scanned coupon by mail for the purpose. I immediately received the coupon for Rs.2000/- but the coupon was supposed to work on the website only a couple of days later.

I had selected one denim handbag worth Rs.1999/- and applied the code. It worked.


One thing I noticed on the website was that there is no cash on delivery option. Well, maybe because they are new, they perhaps prefer to be paid in advance.

Another thing is that I have ordered products on ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Shopclues. In all of these, the option of tracking the product through the entire course of its travel from the vendor until it is delivered is available. I have a problem in my building. Our neighbor takes our post and courier and does not return to us, when we are not in and often when we are at home too. I have lost quite a few cheques and products as well to her. Even a letter stuck to the door that we are out and do not deliver to anybody else does not often work. That is why when a product is expected I make it a point to be at home. When the tracking information of an order is available, it is really helpful to people like me. In a few days, when I had almost given up on it, the product arrived safe and sound!

The bag is like they mentioned on their website really exquisite. When we opened the packet the moment it came by courier, I just fell in love with it. I have a pair of jeans of exactly the same colour and this bag can very well go with it, while I go for events. There are many pockets and 2 compartments, which would help a professional woman, a home-maker or even a college girl carry her requirements while going out with ease. There is a long strap that can be used across the body as well as on the side as convenient and in a suitable size. Given these aspects the price of the product is moderate.

I like to give constructive reviews and thus I would like to suggest to Zhero Denim a couple of things. First, please start trusting your customers and start the COD option as well. In any case, the courier boy would not give the packet to the customer without their paying the required amount. Secondly, I would like to suggest that they begin to give order tracking information, which will be useful to people like me. It helps to know when to expect the product so that we can be home to receive the same or make other arrangements.


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