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Rishabha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part III)

Sun has transited to the moon sign Taurus on May 15, 2022. Though we share readings for the Sun signs, this post is an experiment on how the transition will affect the Sun signs. Today, we share the Rishabha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022, by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the third part of the post.

Mesha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022 (Part III)


The Almighty is in the process of protecting and removing negativities around you. He will guide you during distressful times and alert you about impending misfortunes and presence of treacherous people. His compassion assures positive health for you. Pursuit of your goals and their positive affirmation will easily manifest them for you.


Avoid gossipmongers and backstabbers. Encountering a bleak phase in life? The cards assure protection and help to overcome difficulties.


You will successfully complete your projects. Also, you are slated to find some romantic person, soon; who might become your soulmate. You are being suspected of some misdeed. However, being true to yourself and following your principles will clear all the doubts about you and you will attract reverence and support.


Be ready for your worth to be tested. Expect emotionally satisfying experiences and excitement in the coming days.


The angels are protecting you. Acting with dignity will attract respect. You have the power to achieve your innermost desires. Focusing on the divinity within you will make you stronger and content. Request Him to put you on the right path and clear your muddled head.


Courageously stand up for your principles. Realize and accept your requirements and worries. Avoid being shy and be confident. Give up your worries to the Almighty. Keep the trusting yourself.

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