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Flora Saini

Actor Flora Saini comes up with Dhanak!

After Flora Saini debuted in the Telugu movie Prema Kosam she returned to North India to try her hand in Bollywood. Post quite a few Southern movies she debuted in Hindi films with Bharat Bhagya Vidhata. 3 of her films – Broker (Telugu), Vismaya Pramaya (Kannada) and Vah Re Vah (Kannada) – released on the same day, i.e. December 31, 2010, a rare occurrence and that got her into the Limca Book of Records. A Journalist Reveals had a small chat with her regarding her upcoming movies and other things close to her heart. Excerpts:


Where were you born? How was your childhood?

I was born in Chandigarh to a father serving the country in the army and a school teacher Mom. I have led a very protected life. My parents are my life and I am theirs. (Smiles)

How did acting happen to you?

I was doing my acting course at Kishore Namit Kapoor’s Acting Institute and that’s where I got my first South Indian film. My first hero, Venkat, was also an ex-student of Namit sir and he suggested the maker of the film to audition the girls from his institute. Even I auditioned and was lucky to get the lead role. That’s how I got my first break in the Telugu movie Prema Kosam.

Flora Saini
Flora Saini

What did your parents say when you decided to become an actor, given that the field is so unreliable?

I never took up this profession as a career at that time. When I started it was just as a hobby which I was to pursue for sometime till my board exam results came out and I could plan and choose some serious career option. My parents never stopped me, the only condition my dad had was to continue my studies which I couldn’t because every time we had exams I was shooting… But my parents have always supported and encouraged me. (Smiles)

Tell us about your current projects?

Dhanak is releasing on June17th, 2016 and Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is also coming up on June10th, 2016. Besides that I am shooting for a web series called A.I.SHA my virtual girlfriend.

Would you like to talk about any other future projects?

I am a bit superstitious and don’t like to talk about my projects until they are up and ready for release. I have always kept it that way. (Smiles)

What do you see 10 years down the line?

10 years down the line is a long time. I just know that wherever I will be, it will only be better than where I am today. (Smiles)

What do you do when not in front of the camera?

I love cooking, particularly baking, watching movies and spending as much time with my parents at home as possible. I am more of a home body and love spending time at home. (Smiles)


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