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Janmashtami 2018


A newly married couple contacted us. They are celebrating Janmashtami for the first time this year. They asked how to install Lord Krishna in a small temple at their home. I took the help of our spiritual guide about this issue.

Janmashtami Preparation:

Our spiritual guide suggested that they buy a small metal idol (silver, gold, brass or panchadhatu) and decorate it according to their status and space in the temple. Small swings with non-metal idols can be used to decorate the pooja area. Freshwater is used to thoroughly wash the new idol. Then, it should be purified with cow’s urine and Gangajal and again washed with pure water.

Place a small silver or brass plate inside the temple if there is space. If not, the plate is placed on a small stool in front of the temple. Place the idol on the plate. Think about why you are performing the pooja as sankalpa. First perform abhisheka with water, milk, curd, honey, jaggery or sugar and ghee. Lastly, the residue of the other stuff is cleaned away with water. Wash the idol again in Gangajal and water. After wiping the idol of all the moisture, decorate the idol with clothes, turban or crown and jewelry. Place the idol inside the temple.

Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead of the idol and perform pushpanjali. Show the lighted oil or ghee lamp and dhoop to the idol. Drop a Tulasi leaf in the naivedyam in the form of panchamrita, butter, curd, milk, jaggery puffed rice, milk peda, etc. and offer Tulasi leaves to the idol. Chant the known mantras and stotras. Finally, the Lord is offered camphor arati.


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