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Banana Fruit
Banana Fruit

Banana Tips – Banana Fruit (Part VI)

Banana Fruit is one of the 3 traditionally acclaimed ripe fruits – Mango, Jackfruit and Banana. Devotees of Shakti Devi definitely offer Banana Fruit to their deity. They make garlands and other decorative items out of Banana Fruit in odd numbers.


Wholesome Food – Banana Fruit:

Banana Fruit is a wholesome food. During vrata and fast, people, who cannot fast for the entire day, are allowed to have this food. Ripe fruit is used for panchamrita abhisheka. While visiting saints, offering fruits with one of them being banana is auspicious. Ripe fruit is an important part of any auspicious event at home.

Banana Fruit can be easily digested. It also relieves constipation and satisfies hunger. It also has all the nutrients available in Raw Banana. Mixing mashed ripe banana with the batter before preparing the dish gives tasty appams. It is so filling that one instead of 2 is enough at a time. We can make bhajias out of 2-inch pieces of ripe fruit and have them as starters. Bhajias made in sweet batter can be given to children especially during Navaratri.


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