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Saladicious – Deliciously Yours
Saladicious – Deliciously Yours

Saladicious – Deliciously Yours

A Journalist Reveals has been featuring entrepreneurs for some time. I knew Trisha Roy as a PR person, making a connect between brands and media people. She has recently begun an enterprise as a salad chef. Thus, we did an interview that came out as this article – Saladicious – Deliciously Yours. Excerpts from our tête-à-tête in part one of the interview:

You were in PR. How come this catering business?

Public Relations is something that I always enjoyed and still do. Meeting new people, visiting new places and strategizing a perfect communication plan for an individual or a brand is something that I still enjoy doing. However, after having worked for a good 8 years I thought of adding a new thing to my journey, so I took a turn to a different vertical all together…FOOD!! During my work, a creative writer in me got inclined towards blogging and I used to often write about good food and places I had visited – restaurants, mostly. Maybe that got me into the food business.

I used to carry salads to work and my bosses always said – Trisha, these are five-star salads. You should do something about your chef talent within. I really didn’t know that I would follow the words and here I am – a salad chef with a brand name – Saladicious.

What inspired you to take up Saladicious – Deliciously Yours?

I continued writing articles, reviewing products, poetry, etc, and soon I learnt about blogging and started that as well. In the midst of all this what I didn’t stop is making salads. Not that I am a nutritionist or a dietician but salads just came from within. I remember friends, peers telling me to take it up as a business opportunity but I never took them seriously.

Once I shared a morsel of salad with assorted vegetables with my friend. She loved the blended tastes, told another friend and then there was no end to the publicity. From one to many and slowly Saladicious was in the hearts and minds of all. It was then that I thought of taking my hobby to next level. Saladicious went all out. Currently, from buying to chopping to delivering, I do everything single handed. Saladicious – Deliciously Yours as I call it is now known around the city and people crave for it. This makes me feel happy.

To be continued…
Trisha Roy, Entrepreneur, Saladicious – Deliciously Yours
Trisha Roy, Entrepreneur, Saladicious – Deliciously Yours

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  1. I have had her salads. She is very passionate and professional in her work. These salads are no where found but only with Saladicious. Delicious and healthy. Wish u best.

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