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Saladicious – Deliciously Yours (IInd and Concluding Part)

A Journalist Reveals has been featuring entrepreneurs for some time. I knew Trisha Roy as a PR person, making a connect between brands and the media. She has recently begun an enterprise as a salad chef. Thus, we did an interview that came out as this article – Saladicious – Deliciously Yours. Excerpts from our tête-à-tête in part 2 of the interview:


How did you zero in on salads, for Saladicious?

With a fast-moving life and numerous responsibilities, one looks for ready to eat options. Most people settle for fast food, which is readily available. This thought made me offer them a healthy option instead, which is satisfies hunger, rich in taste and appealing to the eyes. The salad is one such option that has a blend of different tastes put together with vegetables and other ingredients. Understanding the fact that chopping and mixing take time, I thought of bringing the morsel to their doorstep, in a fresh, well-packed, package with different options.

How do you make them healthy?

A healthy meal is healthy when it is made fresh with the right ingredients, which are light on the stomach and easy to digest. I purchase fresh vegetables, which are handpicked by me, personally. Saladicious serves salads that are mayo/cream/cheese-free and yet there are certain healthy breakthroughs that I have tried and tested to make salads creamy and moist as per requirements. Each serving has only a drop of olive oil with healthy herbs added together to bring the right taste. Salads are high in nutrients and goodness of health is what Saladicious guarantees and that is the reason why it’s called – Saladicious (Salads are delicious).

What is your support system?

My loved ones, who encouraged me to start Saladicious, belong to my support system. We celebrate together. And yeah, I cannot miss thanking my happy customers, who form my equal support system to bring out the best on the table. Their recommendations have made Saladicious expand its menu and give them the liberty to personalize the salad as per their tastes and preferences. But, like they say no success comes without risk, one has to take one to achieve the bigger dream.

What are you planning for the future?

Saladicious is doing good and growing but there is much more in store for the future. Salad workshops are next on the cards. I am also planning to start with healthy soups and smoothies in the coming times.

Trisha Roy, Entrepreneur, Saladicious – Deliciously Yours
Trisha Roy, Entrepreneur, Saladicious – Deliciously Yours

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