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Paper Boat Beverages

Paper Boat Beverages Review

Recently, Neha Varma from Hector Beverages contacted me regarding some of their products and I suggested product review. After I had sent her my address upon her request, I had completely forgotten about it. Suddenly one day, a large box arrived at home from her. When we opened the box there was a letter and a book – Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. I realised that something was missing since the books I receive for reviews come in much smaller packets. Luckily there was Neha’s colleague Tejavathi’s number on the box. I gave her a call and Neha came online. I told her about the box and she said that there were supposed to be beverages inside it as well.
Within a week I received another box, this time with 12 packets of Paper Boat beverages. Again the box had been tampered. It had been opened on one side and duct tape had not been pasted on at that place. I immediately informed Neha about what it contained because I wanted to make sure that I had received all that she had sent. The packaging is something all senders via courier should take care of.
More Info on the Brand: Neha gave me a call after Mom and I had already tasted the Ginger Lemon tea and told me that she had sent 12 bottles – 2 of each type of beverage. I requested her to share some more information about the brand and she gave me the following information:
Why “Paper Boat”?
The journey of Paper Boat began when 4 men came together for lunch and one of them always brought a flask of homemade Aam Panna with him. These men were history buffs as well as were crazy about beverages. The man with Aam Panna said that he wanted to commercialize the product and the others agreed with him. Thus the concept of Paper Boat came into being.
The 4 men are Neeraj Kakkar, Neeraj Biyani, Suhas Mishra and James Muttal. But Suhas and James are no longer with the company. They have moved on.
In the first box that you had sent to me, there was a book called “Three Men and a Boat”. Usually people don’t connect these kinds of products with literature. What made you send the book?
Yes, this is indeed the first box that we have sent to you. As a brand and the people who work here, we love reading books and literature is a huge part of our lives, hence we thought about reprinting an old classic and sharing those joys with our consumers.


Why “Three Men and a Boat? Has it something to do with the word boat being in the title?
We selected this particular book because it is a classic and has humour in it, not because there is a boat in the title.

Paper Boat Beverages
Paper Boat Beverages

My Take: All of these are ready to drink beverages like the TV ad says. Like I said before, we started with Ginger Lemon tea. Though the packet does not mention it, the tea had a distinct cumin and black pepper taste with that of lemon and ginger. That goes for most of the others except Aam Panna and Tulsi tea.

The other beverages that were sent with these were Jamun-Kala Khatta (with a typical sour and tarty taste), Kokum and Jaljeera.

Mom’s digestive system had gone haywire at the time we had received the packets. Jaljeera brought her bowels on the right track and Kokum had a very agreeable cooling effect. Kokum has the condiments red chilli, amchur and ginger powders besides cumin and black pepper powders, according to the pack.

Mom particularly liked these. She also feels besides me that this is a very useful product that they have manufactured since it is ready to serve.

The condiments inside the beverages give a really tasty flavour to it. At the same time, all these are definitely healthy and can be given to children and elderly people without any hesitation.
Price: Rs.30 for 250 ml beverage. Total amount for the beverages sent: Rs.360/-. Book: Rs.120/-


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