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Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod

Vastu Tips for Good Health

Many people today don’t believe in such sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu and Feng Shui. But there are such evidences that are convincing enough for us to trust them. At least, people believe in positive and negative vibes coming from people and places. So let’s take it that when there are negative vibes from certain places in our homes or offices, there might be negative incidents that are happening in our lives.
Let’s take, for example, our health. To live a happy and prosperous life, we need to live a healthy life. Even though we have the right food and do optimum exercise, we might still experience some issues regarding our health. This is due to the negative vibes from the wrong Vastu of our homes or work places.
A Journalist Reveals contacted Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod for some tips to improve our health in the Vastu way. This is what he had to say:
• Always keep your head on the south or east side while sleeping.
• Never sit or sleep under the exposed beam, column, etc.
• Face east or north while eating your meal.
• Kitchen should be in south-east.
• Cook food facing east side.
• Storage of kitchen materials should be in north-west.
• Beds should be of wood. Iron beds are not recommended.
• No tree or pillars in front of the main door.
• No shadow should fall on our house like shadow of mandir, flag or tree.
• There should be no borewell or well in front of our house.
• While cooking don’t stand under a beam or column.

Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod
Vastu Consultant Parag Rathod

About Parag Rathod: Vastu Consultant Mr. Parag Rathod is creating positive and energetic spaces since 2005. His study on Vastu and related sciences, have helped him gain in depth knowledge, which he has put to use by helping numerous people in rectifying their Vastu dosha.


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