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How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri
How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri

How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri

We at A Journalist Reveals have been on the lookout for inputs from South Indians celebrating Navaratri with Golu or Koluvu.

How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri:

We found Sureka Ramesh, originally from Tanjore but settled in Bangalore. Surekha was willing to share some information on the subject. We found it useful for informing how beginners can celebrate Navaratri.

Surekha Ramesh
Surekha Ramesh


She said, “As we talk about this, it’s been a tradition followed in the family right from my ancestors and more often I have seen this culture being followed by my grandmother Mrs. Yamuna Bai right from my childhood. Later, it was followed by my mother Mrs. Vasantha Gopal Rao, who personally took much interest in the golu-keeping activity. As mentioned before, from childhood I would wait for the Navaratri to arrive for looking at the golu and different kinds of sundal and payasam offered to God every day.”

It’s their custom to buy a new idol or doll every year to increase the golu’s capacity because of this there would be a competition in our neighborhood. Golu-keeping has been a passion with her and will continue to be so.

Doll or Idol Collection:

Everything including decorations has been bought from various places in Chennai. She added, “Though my family and I are settled in Bangalore, I make time every year and visit Chennai to buy dolls and idols.”

How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri
How Beginners Celebrate Navaratri


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