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Kuber Lakshmi

Dhan Triyodashi (IInd and Concluding Part)

The story of Dhanada Lakshmi goes thus:


Once on Dhan Triyodashi morning, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi came on a trip to the earth. He went on to bathe in a river and She moved about the fields. There were a lot of attractive yellow flowers on the mustard plants. She decorated herself with the flowers. Some distance further there was some sugarcane.

Dhanada Lakshmi Pooja
Dhanada Lakshmi Pooja

When Lord Vishnu came out of the river, Goddess Lakshmi was nowhere in sight. He went around looking for Her. He saw Her sucking from the pieces of sugarcane, with Her. The moment He saw this sight, He felt sad. He told Her, “I did not expect this from You. You have taken the stuff without informing the owner. Is this fair?”

She replied, “If I made a mistake, give the owner 4 times the wealth.”

He said, “The very thought of stealing will land one in hell. You have actually picked up the stuff without informing the owner. This is a very big sin. You will have to accept the punishment for this and perform prayashchit. For that, You will have to serve the farmer and his family for 12 years. So, I am leaving You here.”

Goddess Lakshmi served for 12 years at the farmer’s house. In the 12 years, the farmer prospered a lot. After 12 years, Lord Vishnu came to pick up Goddess Lakshmi. She went to ask leave of the farmer’s wife. The farmer’s wife could not bear the separation with the Goddess and she cried, holding Her feet.

Kuber Lakshmi
Kuber Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi replied, “I have fulfilled my Karma. If you want me to be present in your home, you will have to do what I say. Apply cow dung to the floor. Apply limestone paste to the mud walls. Repair the thatched roof every year. Draw multi-colored rangoli in all possible places in your home. Draw auspicious figures with geru (chemman). Place oil lamps all over the house. Perform My pooja with kumbha and affordable naivedyam. Chant My stotra. Then, I will be present in your home. If you miss any one of this, I will leave.”

Thus, the story ends.

Moral: Theft, maybe a small one, but is the biggest sin. There is no such bad deed, through which one does not incur sin. We should not steal even in our dreams. We should not join wrong-doers and lash out at good people. Good and wise friendship brings prosperity. Otherwise, we will incur sin, be tortured by sorrow on the earth and be tortured in hell after death.

Together with the pooja of Dhanada Lakshmi, we have to perform Kuber Lakshmi pooja as well. Then, have the prasad and get ready for Naraka Chaturdashi, the next day.


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