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Elderly Lady Working at Home

Think it Over

1. Splitting up household work between family members is a good concept. This is called Division of Labour. But, this requires the presence of 5 or more than 5 people at home. On the other hand, if one person does the work, it is a One Man Show. When this person is sick, how much work can be done by them? If 2 flats like this are present next to each other and Division of Labour plays Garba on the head of One Man Show… Think it over.

Elderly Lady Working at Home
Elderly Lady Working at Home Alone

2. There is an exam hall, where some students are writing an exam for their diploma. One 73-year-old lady is sitting on the first bench, jotting down something in her paper. The girl students are mostly 16-17 years old. They are preparing for the exam. Some boys, whose stubble has just begun to emerge, also come to sit there.
At that time, a woman wearing sleeveless kurta and leggings without dupatta with a man sitting behind her arrives on an Activa. The man is sporting a thick beard. They go to the classroom, hurriedly. The woman looks around and tells the older lady to be lenient with her son, who according to her is slow.
The elderly lady replies, “I have myself come to give this exam. I am confident I have prepared well. I will complete the exam in one hour and will leave to meet my daughter, who is waiting outside. I will not have time to look around. You speak to the invigilator, who is expected, soon. He will definitely help your son.”
Imagine this scene and think it over.

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