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Astrology and Plants (Part III)

Let’s have some Astrology and Plants (Part III), for today. Our author for today is Astrologer Shweta Singh. So, let’s discuss some plants associated with the different astrological signs.

Astrology and Plants (Part III)

Libra: Monstera (September 24 – October 23)

Librans are diplomatic people that live their lives with harmony and balance. They’re socialites who enjoy more sophisticated activities like visiting a museum or enjoying the theater. Libra plant parents are fascinated with art and beautiful things, so the monstera’s long history in art and recent rise in popularity makes it the only choice for this sign.

A monstera’s symmetrically split leaves speak directly to a Libran’s need for balance and harmony in all parts of their lives. This is a direct match with Libras on a symbolic and a literal level. The long, lounging leaves represent the Librans’ vibrant social life.

Scorpio: Dracaena (October 24 – November 22)

Scorpios keep authenticity at their core and are not afraid to assert their own thoughts and beliefs. People with this sign are one with their emotions and always approach tasks with passion and resourcefulness. Their honest character makes Scorpios and dracaenas one and the same.

One of the best parts about dracaenas is that they’ll always tell you what they need. For example, their leaves will start to droop or turn yellow and fall if they get too much water. Scorpios are the few, who will respect and value a dracaena’s directness since they, too, will never hesitate to say what’s on their mind.

Sagittarius: Alocasia (November 23 – December 21)

You’ll find that many people who share the Sagittarius sign are free spirits and idealistic wanderers. They’re extremely adventurous and always willing to both try and learn new things. The exotic and unique alocasia plant shares many traits with the inquisitive Sagittarius.

Alocasias’ heart-shaped leaves and overall rarity makes this plant a stand out next to more traditional house plant. It’s very extroverted, just like its parent! These plants are also are known for needing a little extra love and care, so, Sagittarians are perfect plant parents thanks to their steadfast desire to always reach their goals.

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