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A Poem

My daughters began writing poems and stories from their childhood. We have collected them since then. While sorting them out we had placed all of them together at one place. Most of them needed to be typed into the computer. I am sharing one of my daughter’s poems here, which have been typed.
By Gayatri T Rao
My parents say I am innocent.
My teachers say I am innocent.
The society says I am innocent.
Innocence is the inner sense,
Which has no covering of any sense.
I want to have the innocence of a child,
When curiosity makes laziness mild.
Then, my mind won’t be obsessed with contamination,
By the effluents of a society filled with pollution.
Why should I be selfish?
And only for me, why should I wish?
For this is a treasure,
Everybody should share.
If everybody gets this treasure,
Nations will stop fighting with each other.
There will be no environmental degradation,
Nor will there be a fear of erosion.

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