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Sampat Shukravara

Sampat Shukravara (Part II)

Thus, Brahmin’s family covered all the gift items and the food and they remained fasting the whole day having only fruits and milk. That day got over waiting for the woman. That night none of them sleep and insist that the youngest daughter-in-law did not call the woman properly.


The next day morning they get up and the food that they had made was still fresh and warm. The family members had that food and went about their work. But, they still regretted that the woman did not come.

The next Thursday, the third daughter-in-law went with full determination in another direction. There she also found a pure and good Suhasini. She also asked the daughter-in-law the same question and the DIL also replied the same as her predecessor said. The woman promised that she would surely come. But, that Friday also that woman does not turn up. The family members cover up the gift items and place it above the first set. They also fast again that day having fruits and milk.

Sampat Shukravara
Sampat Shukravara

The second DIL said that the younger DILs could not convince the women they met and decided to go the next week. Again, History repeats itself. The older Brahmin couple wonder if they had made some mistake in the pooja. Next, the eldest DIL went in an altogether different direction and the same thing happens.

On the fifth Friday, the Brahmin told his wife to convince a woman as much as she could to attend the pooja the next day. She found a woman her age. The woman looked very divine and graceful. The woman said holding the hand of Brahmin’s wife that she would definitely come. However, again the woman did not turn up until 12 PM. The Brahmin was hurt and goes to rest without having even fruits and milk. He had got so depressed that a Brahmin, who could not perform a pooja properly, had no right to have any kind of food.

Everybody sat in front of the worship area and are so tired that all had shut their eyes. The main door was open. Everybody saw a divine, beautiful, graceful and decked up aged woman coming into the house and sitting on the swing! The mother-in-law saw the woman she had invited in a divine, beautiful, graceful and all decked up form!

To be continued…


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