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Sampat Shukravara (IIIrd and Concluding Part)

All of the Brahmin’s family members immediately opened their eyes and went outside to see who had come. But, they all saw only red feet marks coming from the main door to the swing. On the swing was a large gold pot with a 3D image of Goddess Mahalakshmi sitting on a large lotus on its side. The pot was filled with a heaped collection of gold coins. All of them were stunned. The pot also contained jewelry for all.


The MIL decided to give the gifts collected for the last 5 weeks to someone else. When the MIL went to lift them, the sieve covering the first set fell away. It contained pearls, gemstones, gold and silver coins. When she kept the sieves aside, each one touched by her became gold. All the 5 times Goddess Lakshmi had come as the female strangers to test the family, if they were really devoted to Her. Receiving pooja gifts and auspicious turmeric and kum kum from Brahmins is considered the person’s good fortune.

That evening they brought lots of fragrant flowers to decorate their home and to offer to the Goddess. They performed aarti to the red feet marks of Goddess Mahalakshmi and sang the Kannada song – Bhagyada Lakshmi baramma. Nammama ne Sowbhagyada Lakshmi baramma meaning O Good Fortune-giver Lakshmi, please come to our home. This song was also sung by late Bhimsen Joshi and most South Indians and North Indians, who understand South Indian culture play this song at their home in the evening.

We would sing this at our home showing a lighted lamp and welcome the Goddess to our home. But, Our Lady of Intolerance and her daughter made fun of the song and they indulged in abusing us with cuss words during that time. Thus, our door had to be closed all through the day and we sing in a lower voice.

She and her slaves from our building and outside performed black magic on us and our bank balance, health and energy decreased. However, since we still worship our Gods, silently, we are still alive. Outsiders say that a family (ours), which has to be considered as the crown of the building, is being ill-treated and insulted. They have also been spreading lies about us.

We found out from outside that Our Lady of Intolerance’s daughter is a mental patient. The girl keeps consuming some chemical or the other. The woman has threatened the others from our building with dire consequences and made them her slaves. They are reaping the fruits of unwittingly talking nonsense about us. That way they have become the woman’s slaves.


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