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It was all Due to a Bet! (III and Concluding Part)

Part III
“We need to pass on this information to my brother,” Radha said thoughtfully and called Kartik from her cell.
When Kartik heard what Rita had said about the suspect, Kartik said, “You are just in time, Radha. A few minutes ago I got a call from a constable that he had seen the man in Dadar station waiting for an outstation train. I am on my way there to arrest him. I will keep you posted on what happens.”


After 1 ½ hours, Kartik called back and said, “Initially, the man did not say anything. He said that his name is Sunil. Later he said that he is the brother of one of the girls Rakesh has raped. He says that he has been pleading with the dead man to delete the pictures and the videos. That’s all we could get out of him. We haven’t used pressure on him till now. Let us see how it goes.”
After a few hours, Kartik called, “Sunil says he poisoned Rakesh, but only on that day when he died. We are trying to get proof for it.”

The next day Asha woke up early in the morning and started shaking her friend hard.
“Whoaaat?” Radha sat up groggily.
“I just had an idea. Kartik Anna must have gone through it. But what is wrong in asking?”
“What is it?” Radha was still sleepy.
“We can check with the same hotel if Rakesh had visited the place before. He must have. I have a feeling he was being poisoned in the hotel.” Asha often had these wild ideas in the morning just while getting up. Most of the times these ideas turned out to be correct.
When Kartik was informed, he immediately said that he was going to the hotel and if the girls wanted they could join him.

At the hotel, they found that it was indeed true that Rakesh was visiting the place every day for the last more than 10 days and asking for the same room. His name was in the register. Kartik immediately asked for the CC TV footage of the floor where his room was situated for all those days. From the footage they understood that every day for almost all those days he was there a girl visited him for more than an hour. The first time this happened when the girl came out of the room her hair was disheveled and she was crying, while she adjusted her dress. After that every day she was her confident self and when she left the room, there was a satisfied smile on her face.
The girl’s face was clear and Kartik immediately asked for her picture from the hotel security people. When this photograph was shown to Rita, she immediately recognized the girl as her classmate, Rupa. Kartik first checked from the laptop that was confiscated from Rakesh’s hotel room, if this girl’s pictures and videos were there in it. Indeed there were so many of her snaps and a video in the nude. Then he went to the college to speak to the girl with a couple of lady officers.
It did not take a long time for Rupa to open up. She almost immediately confessed that it was she who had poisoned Rakesh. She said, “He raped me! Then he wanted me to visit him regularly and showed me my pictures and the video. I poisoned him and don’t regret it. At least other girls have been saved by my act.”
On their enquiry, she said, “I put some crystals of arsenic every day in the juice he would ask me to pour into the glasses he kept in the room. He was not only a lecherous but also a lazy person.”
When she was taken away by the lady officers, Kartik told his sister and her friend, “I am going to request a concession in the punishment considering her age, when the case comes to court. She is also right when she says that she saved the other girls.”


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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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