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Mesha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022

Sun has transited to the moon sign Aries on April 14, 2022. Though we share readings for the Sun signs, this post is an experiment on how the transition will affect the Sun signs. Today, we share the Mesha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022, by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the first part of the post.


Mesha Shankaranti Guidance Readings – 2022


You need to heal yourself and that will help you better your relationships. The Almighty is protecting you. You may want to take up the profession of health care or any of the sciences. Meditation will help up your positive energy levels.


Avoid getting angry. Be patient. Leave the past behind and heal yourself. Consult a spiritually awakened person to resolve your confusion. Expect some financial aid as your challenges are resolved one at a time. You have the power. Use it responsibly.


The Almighty has gifted you with knowledge, good fortune, a bright aura and positive vibes. He has also resolved your challenges. Meditation can help develop your memory power. During stressful situations, praying to God can solve your problems. Music can be a healing therapy.


Do not hitch on others. Look up to the Goddess of Learning for the know-how of the creative arts and ideas. Do not give out a loan, this month. Further studies or upskilling can help in professional growth.


You are responsible for your situation and only you are capable of changing it. Decisions have to be taken by following your instincts. Getting your priorities right, professionally and personally, can take you a long way. Keeping your promises and doing your best every time would be the best way forward. Everything happens for a reason.


Wait for a bit to regain the trust and confidence in yourself. Whatever the situation, don’t give up now. Pray to God for a better morrow.

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