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Mother’s Day Special – Brinda Rao and her Mother

Today let’s have Mother’s Day Special – Brinda Rao and her Mother. Let me first introduce Brinda Rao. She is my cousin from my Dad’s side. Her mother was my Dad’s sister. We know her as Baby Aunty. Baby Aunty contacted my maternal grandparents with the alliance of her eldest son with Mom. But, he was younger than Mom by 2 months. Grand Dad said that there should be at least 2 years’ difference between the bride and the groom.

Having watched Mom during her daily activities on surprise visits, she selected Mom for her younger brother, my Dad who is 7 years older than Mom. If Baby Aunty had not selected Mom for Dad, I wouldn’t have got a Mom like her.

L to R: Mom, Baby Aunty

Brinda Akka was just 15 when she lost her mother. It’s been several years since we lost Baby Aunty. Brinda Akka still remembers her Mom in sadness. That is why Mom considers Brinda Akka as her eldest daughter. Here’s a tribute to Baby Aunty from her own daughter Brinda Rao.

Mother’s Day Special – Brinda Rao and her Mother

Absence of any beloved parent is an incalculable loss. I close my eyes with tears and walk down my memory lane towards those nostalgic moments to feel the helpless and painful situation of my loss on the most auspicious day of my brother’s marriage.

A very bad experience in no time, with no options…when the auspicious moment turned out to be most tragic and unfortunate moment…

Still it is an unbelievable memory of my past… very fresh and live… a heartache that will never go away, losing her permanently, a wound which could never heal and I can see my mother exists only in a photograph frame,

God blessed my mother. I felt the enormous value of her presence with those precious lessons no one would have taught me…

She lived a very short life and I missed her for all my requirements.

I felt only if I could have enjoyed her presence at the time when I needed her the most…

Within her short span of life, she was, no doubt, the best mother to lead me and taught everything like a teacher with her talent and efficiency…

Brinda Rao with Grandson

She was more than a disciplinarian, good doctor, chauffeur, maid, counselor and caretaker. And her efforts to build character and confidence in her children, will not go unappreciated. Her nurturing, training and guidance which she patiently, wisely with love, right attitude and care cannot be forgotten.

Her love had no laws, no pity, trusted only in her inner strength to crush down remorselessly whatever that stands in its path….

No role models can be better than her. She was like a shooting star who passed by my life, never to return.

Her sacrifice uncountable, and unconditional love was her strongest bond, which brought happiness even in the darkness to guide us.

She is no longer in this world, but she still survives as my mother, evergreen and everlasting in my good memories.

Mothers cannot give from a depleted source. They need emotional, mental, physical and spiritual validation. When she is respected and well cared for, the whole family will enjoy beneficial fruits.

The mother is precious. She is a celebrity on her own. Every day is a mother’s special Day. They work hard to make the family successful


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