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A Great Team Leader
A Great Team Leader

A Great Team Leader

Today, A Journalist Reveals has decided to share a bad experience that we had with the team leader of a media company. Thus, this article – A Great Team Leader – took shape.


A Great Team Leader:

Yashaswini and I run a company called Pratyankara Media Services, which provides content writing services. Post our work for A Journalist Reveals, we seemed to have some time in hand. So, we got a remote assignment from a company through one of the job portals and we accepted it, though the workload was high and the pay less than what we usually charged. We made this decision because we thought we could get a chance to write varieties of articles that we were not opportune to get in our current positions.

Our trail assignment was approved and the owner seems to have liked it. We went ahead with the next assignment. The team leader created a Skype group and talking to us through it. Initially, the owner also communicated to us. In the next step, 2 articles were supposed to be written. But, we did not receive a complete briefing for the same. Our questions on Skype were ignored. Apparently, the owner had left the group. But, we did not know that since we are new to Skype. The team leader began to behave with attitude. We completed the assignment without proper briefing and the team leader accused us of writing a low-quality article. Then, she briefed us. The briefing was not the same as that was given to us before. She also began abusing us, hurting our self-respect. When things went out of hand, we quit the assignment and told the owner through Skype about what had happened.

We have mail-tracking software on all our gmails. This female immediately saw all the emails, she sent to us and we were alerted by the software. She also asked me, “Do you have any proof of what you are talking about?” She does not know that we can get the proof anytime we want, any which way. We are computer savvy. Only, we did not want to make dirtier than it is now. So, trying to take something positive out of this experience, we decided to interview Dr. Diplakshmi Dhopeshwarkar, who had helped us with inputs on such issues before. We will share the interview on who is a great team leader in the next post.

To be continued…

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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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