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She Avenged Herself!
She Avenged Herself!

She Avenged Herself! (Unending Nirbhaya Episodes Concluding Part)

She avenged herself! Yes, she did. The Hyderabad doctor – who was raped, killed and burnt; has avenged herself. Many people will not agree with the previous statement. A Journalist Reveals believes in it.

There are 11 to 12 dimensions. Human beings can experience only 4 – length, breadth, height and time. Albert Einstein called outer space as the fifth dimension. Being incapable of appreciating as much as 7-8 dimensions, we cannot brush off the presence of God, the devil and ghosts.

We believe that the doctor from Hyderabad brought the criminals to the site of the crime and killed them through the instrument of the policemen. Dr. Disha has avenged herself.

Post Nirbhaya episode, there have been plenty of other such episodes because in most cases the culprits have not yet been punished. The culprits are adamant and act as if they have not done anything wrong.

Our editor Yashaswini in her novel has mentioned how the Nirbhaya episodes need to be avoided. We are sharing the link to it here.

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