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Unending Nirbhaya Episodes
Unending Nirbhaya Episodes(Pic for representation only)

Unending Nirbhaya Episodes

Incidents happen in our lives. Certain incidents happen and just pass you by. Some incidents stay with you for a lifetime. Unending Nirbhaya episodes are of the second type. Nirbhaya has become synonymous to any and every girl, who is raped and killed in India, today.

Unending Nirbhaya Episodes

November 27th this year was a black day in the life of every woman. 2 women were raped, killed and mercilessly burnt near Hyderabad. More recently, in Rajasthan, a 6-year-old girl did not return home from school. Her sexually assaulted dead body was found later.

These incidents have instigated upraising from several faculties. People are agitated. One woman suggested hanging in front of the public. Jaya Bachchan, during her Rajya Sabha speech, went further ahead. She suggested mob lynching for the culprits in front of everybody.

But, do you think the above would work?

To be continued…

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  1. They have no fear of losing their life thats why they do it again and again. I totally agree on the above statement that they should be punished on the street till death so all the other future rapist will get to know “If they attempt this heinous crime this is going to happen with them”. That fear should be there in the eyes of those monsters.

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