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House Keeping

  1. During monsoon, ants infest anywhere and everywhere in homes. Keep tobacco in water for some time and pour the water in such places to get rid of the ants.
  2. Hindus consider small black ants sacred and believe that Lord Ganapathy wants some naivedyam. They would avoid tobacco water. So on one auspicious day, modak is made and made into pieces to be placed in the 8 directions. If modak cannot be made, just shape gur like modaks and place them in 8 directions. This might seem like superstition. But it works. When you check the places where the modak has been placed the next day, you will find that the ants have gone and stuck themselves on them. They can thus be removed.
  3. In flats, where water flows often in bathrooms, earthworm and centipedes make their homes in the small areas between the wall and the floor. If a temporary remedy is required for earthworms and centipedes, rock salt can be sprinkled in the required areas.
  4. To get completely rid of earthworms and centipedes, it is suggested that after cleaning and drying the walls and the floors, you can seal the areas with m-seal. If the color does not go with the interior of the bathroom, either paint it over or add the required color to white m-seal before applying.

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