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Siddhanth Kapoor

Siddhanth Kapoor – Acting is in My Blood!

Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhanth calls himself a caring human being. He wants to direct a movie eventually. That was not the only reason he assisted popular director Priyadarshan. He said, “I was assisting Priyadarshan for the overall knowledge of cinema. I learnt acting, cinematography, direction, editing, pre-production, post-production, etc., basically the works.” A Journalist Reveals asked him a few questions and the following were his answers:


Childhood: Most of us have ambitions as a child. Siddhanth says, “My childhood was fun, quite like that of any other child. My childhood ambition was to be a pilot. My key ambition was to be a sportsperson and play football and cricket at the state level. Acting was in mind. It was in my blood and I got to act in Shootout at Wadala, Ugly and Jazbaa. I have been singing and playing music as a hobby.”

Siddhanth Kapoor - Acting is in My Blood!
Siddhanth Kapoor – Acting is in My Blood!

Asked if being a DJ figure in his childhood ambitions, he replied, “No. It just happened along the way. I started playing music when I was in the 8th-9th standard. After my education was over, I started playing professionally.”

Education: He has done Bachelors in Business Administration and an acting course.

He initially wanted to become a pilot and then a sportsperson, then studied Business Administration and then finally he came into Bollywood. These are all so varied. To this he replied with another question, “Yeah. A person should try out everything, isn’t it?”

Most Difficult Phase in Career: He feels that technically, his acting career has not begun so he cannot comment about it as yet.

His Proudest Moment: His reply showed how much he cared about his father. He said,Actually my proudest moment was when my father (Shakti Kapoor) went to Big Boss and he survived for one month without alcohol, without any pain.”

Future: When asked, what he saw 10 years hence, his reply was interesting, “That I can only say after 10 years.”

Siddhanth Kapoor
Siddhanth Kapoor

Hobbies: When not working, he said that he does everything else but work. He added, “I listen to music, I cook food, I hang-out with friends, I rest and spend a lot of time with my family and my dog. I also watch a lot of films.”

He also says that his strength is his sensitivity and his weakness is his sensitivity.

Fitness Regime: He informed, “I do a lot of cardio and kick-boxing. I do yoga also when I get the time. Where diet is concerned, I try not to eat any carbohydrate after 6 O’clock, although I am a foodie and I love food.”

Worst and the Best Things about His Profession: He explained that people in his profession needed to be very careful. He said, “I think the worst thing is that you are always in the limelight, so even a small wrong that you commit, the people and the media badha chadhake bol dete hain. The positive thing is that you get to be famous. You get to work hard. You get to be known. You get to entertain people. You develop a high level of respect.”


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