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Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja
Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja

Margashirsh Thursday (Part II)

Drawing Ashtadala Padma rangoli in front of the kumbha is auspicious. Either this can be done in colour rangoli or the white one. Right in the middle of the rangoli, a spot is made with sandalwood paste or powder. On this spot, a smaller spot of turmeric paste or powder is made. In the middle of that spot, a spot of kum kum paste or powder is made. Similar spots are made within the 8 petals of the lotus. In between the petals, swastikas are made in turmeric paste or powder. Between the legs of the swastikas spots of sandalwood paste or powder and kum kum paste or powder are made as mentioned above. Above the swastikas, crescent moons and spots are made out of kum kum paste or powder. This rangoli is very auspicious.

Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja
Goddess Mahalakshmi Pooja

After praying for the intended desire for which the pooja is being performed, the kumbha or kalasa is invoked. Colourful flowers are, then, decorated on the rangoli. If possible, placing a lotus in the middle of the rangoli is also auspicious. Post performing shodashopachara or panchopachara poojas; Lakshmi Ashtottra, Lakshmi Ashtottrashatanamavali, Lakshmi Sahasranama and Sri Sukta are chanted. If Purushasukta and Vishnu Sahasranama are also chanted, it gives good results. Chanting Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya will also give powerful results. Jaggery cooked with rice or puffed rice can be offered as naivedyam. Sundal made from kabuli chana or white gram is also accepted. Seasonal fruits with 5 bananas can also be offered according to our budget. There is a story connected to this vrata and that has to be recited at this point. Mahamangalarti can be done. The jaggery payasam and bananas should first be offered to cows, distributed to devotees and then partaken by us, after breaking the fast.

We will share the story in the next post.

To be continued…

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