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Dream Suds
Dream Suds

Dream Suds – Gunjan Chandak’s Enterprise

A Journalist Reveals mainly caters to women and has been featuring female entrepreneurs often. Recently, we came across the contact of Gunjan Chandak, who manufactures handmade soaps. Thus, we decided to interview her and today’s post Dream Suds – Gunjan Chandak’s Enterprise came into being.

What is your educational background? Have you been trained in soap manufacture?

I’ve graduated in B.Com (Honors) from a reputed college in Kolkata. Yes, I have learnt the soaping process with different permutations and combinations.

Have you been working elsewhere before starting Dream Suds?

I was working in a tea export company in Kolkata as the manager.

What was your inspiration behind Dream Suds?

I was interested in learning these customized handmade soaps for my family and myself but once when we started benefitting out of the same I was like “why not let others benefit too” and thus Dream Suds was born. The inception date was February 27, 2018.

What is special about your soaps other than being handmade?

Our soaps are made with a lot of love and care. It is customized according to the clients’ requirements like skin type, issues of the skin, specific fragrance, etc.

Your soaps are handmade. What kind of hygiene precautions do you take while manufacturing them?

We make sure the utensils/molds we use are thoroughly cleaned with warm water. I personally wear gloves and a face mask so as to avoid any infection.

How skin-friendly are your soaps?

Our soaps are glycerin, coconut and castor oil based soaps. They are suitable for all skin types. No harmful chemicals like paraben are used. No detergents are used. High in glycerin content so does not make the skin dry.

Dream Suds
Gunjan Chandak

What is your support system?

My family – husband and daughter and my sisters. Dream Suds would not have been able to complete even one year successfully without their support.

Do these soaps have the same price? Or do they depend on the size/weight or ingredients?

All our soaps are differently priced depending on the weight and ingredients. We do offer a good discount on bulk orders. Our products are qualitative yet reasonably priced. We customize soaps in consultation and as per customers’ interest. A happy customer is our motto.

What do you see 10 years hence?

My long term plan is to take this venture to the next level and one day watch Dream Suds as a global brand.

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  1. Well done, Gunjan. Hard work always pays off.

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