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Banana Tips
Banana Tips

Banana Tips (Part III)

Here are some more banana tips. We are taking one part of the plant at a time and highlighting their benefits.


Banana Tips:

Dried fibers from banana stalk are soaked in water for 24 hours and torn into pieces. These fibers come out like threads. In big temples like Tirupati and Mantralayam Road temples, this is used to make flower garlands. Cotton thread is not used. In these temples, there is a lot of purity due to this practice. Wearing flowers spun with these fibers in our hair promotes hair growth.

Recipes with banana stalk:

The white portion of the stalk is a healthy food. They can be cut into small pieces after discarding the fibers inside for making raita in curd. The pieces can also be used to cook curry with gram and coconut shreds. Tuar dal and fenugreek seeds can be added to these pieces to make seasoned dal or tadka dal. A South Indian dish called coot can be prepared with banana stalk pieces, tamarind, tuar dal, urad dal and moong dal with pepper powder and sambhar powder.

Health Benefits:

Banana stalk removes kidney stones and is beneficial in urinary tract infection. It is very good for middle-aged ladies for menstrual reasons. The banana stalk is helpful in removing toxins from the body, as well.

To be continued…


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