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Swati Kapur

Bollywood Ki Deewani RJ Swati Kapur!

Radio Jockeying is an interesting profession. But it requires a lot of hard work like any other field. Thus it attracts only the passionate among them all. Introducing RJ Swati Kapur, a Delhi-girl working with 95 FM Tadka, Jaipur station.
Where were you born? Tell us something about your childhood.
Well, I born and brought up in Delhi. By the way, I am still in my childhood. I am the little pampered baby of our home. You wouldn’t believe I was very shy in my childhood. Even when my mother would ask me what would I want for dinner? I would just smile. No one ever thought that I would become Radio Jockey.
Full educational qualifications.
I am an Arts graduate from Delhi University. But because of my hectic schedule I skipped my post graduation exams lots of times and it’s still pending. I want to complete my post graduation very badly but one can’t get good marks in overnight. You should study hard especially when you chose M.A English.
Tell us something about your training in RJing.
R.J Training? These words always make me laugh wholeheartedly. Well, once I heard on Radio in an ad about an R.J course. I applied after all the scripting and voicing test, I got a call from them. Swati, you are selected for the course and you got scholarship. I starting shouting in happiness yeaahhhhhhh I got scholarship as this was the first and last scholarship I ever got in my life. But to be very frank, I am still in my learning phase. One should never stop learning the whole life.
What did your parents say when you told them that you had decided to go into Rjing?
Hmm… My parents wanted me to became an IAS officer (scary word for me). I clearly said I can’t study hard. Then they wanted me to become a librarian (safer and easier job according to them at that time). I was clueless about what to do in my life. But the moment I realized what I actually want to do in my life, I told my parents. They just said do what makes you happy but whatever option you’ll choose just give your 10,000% to it. They supported me till date (specially my mother) and they are still with me. I am the lucky princess you can say. My family is my backbone. I am nothing without them. To be very frank I fell in love with radio because of my sister, she would listen to radio a lot and she made me call her favourite R.Js.
Which FM Channel do you belong to? How did you get that job?
Well, Currently I am working with 95 FM Tadka Jaipur station (a part of Rajasthan Patrika group). How I get this job? I was already working with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Jabalpur station. I got a call for the job and I said yes, because Jaipur is much nearer to my home town comparatively. Kyuki ghar yaad aata tha mujhe and still yaad aata hai. I want to host a radio show in Delhi one day as it is my home town.
Are you planning to take on any other projects?
Well, I love entertaining people. I do freelancing voice-overs. I do host events also. But, I am quite choosy in my work as I believe in quality of food not quantity of food.
What do you do when not RJing?
It’s quite hard to get free time but still lots of stuff like travelling and watching T.V. I love cooking, talking to my close friends, clicking pictures, last but not the least act. This one is the most favorite thing of mine – watching films. I am Bollywood ki deewani. Once it was Saturday night I sat down and started watching a film at 9 in the evening. Then I watched approximately 8-9 films back to back till 5 PM of next day.


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