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Alleviating Psoriasis at Home

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects both the skin of the body as well as the scalp. Psoriasis of the scalp can have a devastating effect on the lustrous locks. It can also affect the internal tissues of the mouth. Here are some home remedies to control this disease.

  1. Cut the following vegetables into small pieces: okra, carrots, beetroots, tender beans, snake gourd, nohl kohl, ridge gourd (tohri), cauliflower, cabbage, grated radish, chow chow, red and white pumpkin and bottle gourd – separately or together. They have to be eaten as salad daily for one year to remove all signs of psoriasis.
  2. Steam the vegetables mentioned in tip no 1, with curry leaves and neem leaves. Grind the mixture and drink mixed with orange or lemon juice. Salt or honey can be added for taste.
  3. A type of oil can be made, which should be used while bathing. Take one handful of each of the following: neem leaves, curry leaves, henna leaves, hibiscus leaves and sunberry (also called wonder cherry) leaves. They need to be ground without water in a mixer. Place coconut oil on slow fire and add the ground mixture to it. Let it heat till boiling point. Switch off the stove after some time. Leave it on the stove to cool down. After it cools, pour the oil into a bottle and set aside.

Filter small quantities before use only. Apply on the skin and let the oil be absorbed. Bathe ½ an hour later in lukewarm water for relief from the disease. If the disease is seen more on feet and hands, apply the oil on the affected parts for overnight, covering the parts with polythene bags. Bathe in lukewarm water, first thing in the morning.

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